We’re reinventing fashion retail

We fused the power of data science with apparel retail.


EDITED is used by the world’s best brands and retailers to have the right product at the right price, at the right time. But more than that, it’s become the single biggest source of real-time retail data in the world. Now industry professionals can know more about their markets than ever before.

Every day brands and retailers on six continents use EDITED to understand their markets in real-time and trade more efficiently. And it’s not just cutting-edge online retailers; this is a product that’s transformative for every business. Data is essential. You need data to compete with the best companies in the world, and to give your customers the best product.

Our team works hard to help our customers trade better than ever before. We’re serious about our colleagues, and we have a high performance, high responsibility and high context culture.

We’re data scientists, retail professionals, analysts, engineers, business people and all of us are the very best in the world at what we do. Read more about working at EDITED.

Our product is used by the world’s biggest brands and retailers. It’s easy to understand, powerful, and transformative to your business. We’d love to show you what it can do.

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Our Founders

Geoff Watts and Julia Fowler co-founded EDITED in London in 2009.

They started the company because Julia knew the way the fashion industry was making decisions meant a lot of mistakes, discounts and disposals. Much of this could be prevented with data. Geoff, an expert at getting results out of big data, helped Julia turn this idea into a business, and together they started EDITED, which has changed the fashion business forever.

Our team

We’re committed to changing retail, and the only way to do that is with a brilliant, inspiring team. We’re looking for great people to join us.

Ashmita Taneja
Andrew Wright
Dom Oliver
Andrine Alver
Paul Rose
Kris Graham
Paul McCann
Kristina Mills
Rosie Hood
Vicky Giles
Alejandro Giacometti
Jennifer Haslam
Mitra Zahedi
Katherine Bailey
Adam Lorrimer-Roberts
Grant Stephens
Jan Figala
Henrietta Love
Sydney Arruda
Germain Chazot
Anna Cain
Faith Flint
Isobel Ormiston
Christian Robinson
Emily Jenkins
Katerina Moumtzoglou
Nishtha Kalyani
Venetia Fryzer
Victoria Pritchard
Rodrigo Reis
Diana Bang
Brent Baker
Victoria Driver
Simon Walton
Avery Faigen
Tara Drury
Sven Poppelman
Juliet Shepard
Rebecca Milne
Joe Berry
Julia Cancro
Sam Whitehall
Daphne Duong
Aoife Byrne
Isabelle Duff
Grace Hill
Jess Meyer
Fabio Tamagno
Michaela Bartlam
Clara Bergdahl
Ellen Watts
Christopher Sinclair
Daisy Wright
Margaux Fleschler
Matt Holden
Emily Ashwell
Arianna Zanca
Julia Fowler
Astrid Gousse
Jake van Berkel
Jason Hung
Carl Kammerer
Macey Baker
Geoff Watts
Joe Burrow
Nic Wilson
Beth Kiefer
Janelle Joseph
Gabriel Delavald
Miriam King
Sam Berry
Steicy Fajardo
Emily Bezzant
Emma Carleton
Anna Saleh
Katharine Carter
Hannah O'Rourke
Lauren Reid
Shayne Stilman
Alexandra Demetrakis
Nadine Faria
Saskia Wallace
John Spicer
Krista Corrigan
Kayla Marci
Bryony Macdonald
Kelly Bulmer
Nick Barrett
Laura Grigerova
Issy Lamond
Priya Solanki
Martha Giannoudovardi
Emily Digges la Touche
Marie Le Lay
Anna Langhenry

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